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Success in the job market is dependent on more than your academic acumen — recruiters also look for communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to succeed in a team, personal integrity, and analytical skills.

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Communications in Action

For MBA students, we offer a dynamic and interactive approach to mastering advanced communication practices for business leaders. You will tackle a combination of individual and team-based assignments that include practical exercises such as representing a company in crisis to multiple stakeholders — and you’ll receive 360-degree team feedback plus developmental feedback from executive mentors.

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Course Name Units Description
BCOM 510 Managerial Communication (Evening MBA)

MGMT 510 for Evening MBA students is a two unit course, supports our evening MBA students by providing a compressed and honed series of simulations designed to deepen knowledge of communication strategies as they are applied in the work place.

BCOM 510 Managerial Communication (Full-Time MBA)

MGMT 510 for Full-Time MBA students is a three-unit course that provides students with multiple opportunities to identify and improve critical communication skills, study the impact of communication strategy within leading companies, and practice communication skills in a variety of simulations and workshops.

BCOM 510 Managerial Communication (Online)

BCOM 510 Online is a virtual workplace environments provide a gamut of challenges for the individual, most of which reside in the communication realm.

BCOM 510F Business Communication Lab for MSF

BCOM 510F is a Business Communication lab for graduate finance students designed to provide help with professional presentations, American English writing styles, and cultural expectations of the business world today.

BCOM 511: Professional Writing Intensive (Online)

A two credit course, introduces a strategic approach to professional written communication.  An e

BCOM 512: Advanced Strategic Communication (EvMBA)

Definitions of leadership vary, but a constant with any successful leader is the ability to ident

MIS 509 Business Communication (MS MIS)

MIS 509 is an overview of the methods, processes, and functions necessary for effective communication in today's high tech, global marketplace.