The Secret Handshake Provides Practical Tools for Business Professionals

The Secret Handshake Provides Practical Tools for Business Professionals
September 12, 2016
The Secret Handshake Provides Practical Tools for Business Professionals

Eller College Business Communication Faculty Team Authors Textbook

TUCSON, AZ - The Business Communication faculty of the Eller College of Management have authored a textbook for use in their undergraduate classes: The Secret Handshake: Effective Communication Strategies for the Workplace. The book brings together nearly 100 years of combined teaching and industry experience in an accessible and easy-to-read format.  

The Secret Handshake: Effective Communication Strategies for the WorkplaceThe Secret Handshake was designed to make Eller students – and all readers – as workplace-ready as possible, and to equip them with the skills to finesse any communication challenge. To be a successful professional communicator – and successful in business, period – students must understand the right approach with the right audience at the right time. While experience is always the best teacher, it is not always the most forgiving. 

The Secret Handshake lives up to its title by revealing an insider’s view of the specific strategies professionals need to get the job done. This book provides crisp and targeted approaches to effectively communicating with any audience in any professional setting. Through reading this book, students don’t just learn how to write or collaborate or deliver a professional presentation; instead, they learn how to think and act to strategically adapt their communication approach to suit the context and audience of any given situation. 

Rooted in theory, with accessible guidance for turning theory into practice, this book gives any professional a leg up into understanding the “secret handshake” for getting their messages read, heard, and understood. Whether new to the workplace or a seasoned pro interested in sharpening one’s skills to become more competitive, The Secret Handshake: will give any professional a whole new way of understanding how to navigate the complexities of communicating in an ever-changing world. 

The diverse author team brings a wide range of industry experience and professional training to both the classroom and the written page. Their professional backgrounds range from working in the corporate world (film, publishing, consulting, entrepreneurship, and corporate communication) to the non-profit sector (with focuses on English as a Second Language, social justice, social services, and government agencies). 

Publisher Kendall Hunt released the text in both softcover and eBook formats in August (ISBN number 978-1524902209). Both formats are available for purchase through Kendall Hunt’s higher education website.