See what students past and current think about the Business Communication Program:

Student Testimonials

Samson (Clay) Meyer, Class of 2016

"Eller prepared me extremely well in the area of business communication. I felt completely comfortable sending emails, making phone calls, and hosting meetings in a professional manner. At the end of my internship, I was given the opportunity to present my accomplishments to my managers and company executives, which made me thankful for the hours of public speaking practice during BCOM."

Shawna Weltsch, Class of 2016

"Case competition was an exciting experience that challenged me to be creative, to work productively as a team, and to be a leader. I would consider it a valuable opportunity that rewarded me with real-world business knowledge and skills."

Nathan Schupp

 Nathan Schupp, Class of 2016

"Being in the consulting track of BCOM 314 has given me a taste of the real world of business. This is something that most people aren't able to experience in their first semester of business school and it is a great opportunity for growth. Being able to see your impact in these smaller companies has left me with a great sense of satisfaction and achievement."


Alumni Testimonials

Joshua Dow
Manufacturing Manager at Eaton - Hydraulics Business 

"My second week on the job as manufacturing manager I had to lay off 49 people, roughly 20% of our head count at the plant. This included statements to the community etc... It took me back to our Chipotle "Hostile Communication" experience."

Michael Galhouse
Michael Galhouse
IT Support at Federal Judiciary

“The presentation skills I learned in the Business Communications course have been among the most important for my career. Good ideas can only take you so far if you can't express them in a compelling and professional manner. The small guidebook we used at the time was one of the only textbooks I kept, and I still reference it ten years later.”

Seth Wilson
Seth Wilson, Class of 2007
Twitter, Information Security

“To move big boulders in the business world, you have to collaborate, communicate, negotiate and partner with those around you. When I look around at my peers who are most successful, they are a balanced mix of smart technologists and effective communicators”

Mitchel Forney
Mitchel Forney, Class of 2009
Director of Marketing, Cyracom

“The BCOM course is one of the reasons we continue to enjoy recruiting from Eller. You can expect quality communication.  Please never make the class any easier!” 

Samarth Das
Samarth Das, Eller MBA, Class of 2010
Global Pricing, Revenue Management Advisor, FedEx

"The presentation skills I learned in the Business Communications course have made me more expressive as a person. Professionally I have used all the methods that were taught in the class. The content of each of the classes were thought provoking and pushed me beyond my comfort zone which has a bearing on how I have shaped as an individual. Your class has made a positive difference and changed my life."

Sean Hearne
Sean Hearne, Eller MBA, Class of 2011

"The communications curriculum put me at ahead of my peers upon re-entering the workforce. I was hired into Charles Schwab and placed in a role leading technology project teams, the larger projects spanned upwards of 150-200 team members. I felt prepared and confident with my education which enabled me to achieve successful alignment and project awards on more than one occasion. Thank you." 

Amy Doherty
Amy Doherty, Class of 2014
Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

"My involvement as both a student and project manager in the consulting track was one of the highlights of my Eller Experience. Working directly with a client on a business project gave me leadership, teamwork, time management, and communication skills that greatly exceed many of my peers. It was a distinguishing factor for me on my resume and in interviews and helped me secure a position as a Business Technology Analyst for Deloitte Consulting after graduation."

Sipideh Hockley
Sepideh Hockley, Eller MBA, Class of 2014
Manager of Laboratory Operations at The University of Arizona

"The Advanced Strategic Communications (BCOM 512) and Managerial Communications classes (BCOM 510) have been two of the most impactful in the Eller  MBA program. The content of each of the classes were thought provoking and pushed us beyond our comfort zones to confront challenging work situations and find ways to lead change. The success of these classes is due, in no small degree, to the phenomenal instruction provided by Diza Sauers who consistently inspired us to dig deeper and discover our authentic selves. Always keeping it real, Diza -- many thanks!"

Libby Stropko
Libby Stropko, Class of 2014

National Consultant at Chi Omega Fraternity Executive Headquarters

"The Honors consulting course was both my favorite and most useful class that I took at the University of Arizona. The opportunity to work on a real project with real clients and to apply the skills learned in the classroom was invaluable. It gave me tangible insight into the business world. I use the communication skills that I garnered from my business communication class every day in professional settings and my personal life as well. As a consulting project manager, I was able to see the experience from a managerial perspective. The two student-teams I worked with showed remarkable improvement in their business acumen and professional development over the course of just one semester. The Honors consulting course presents a unique chance for students to get involved in the community with a real-life project, and from my experience I highly recommend it."

Corporate Partners Testimonials

Datalink logo Julie Goldklang
Performance Talent Director, Advance Services at Datalink
Stephen Zipperman
General Manager, Advance Services at Datalink
"It's safe to say that we could easily have invested $50,000 to $100,000 in outside feedback for the quality and detail of the feedback provided by the honors business communications case competition participants. Completing the processing and gaining the insight has saved us time and money. Through the case competition we have furthered our brand awareness on campus, as well as gained tangible feedback we have been able to implement to improve our recruiting tools and process. We truly believe that the consolidated feedback from the case competition has driven for a much faster paced solution in relation to our Datalink Career site, which is resulting in an actual launch of a new webpage structure and content within less than 6 months from end of case study. Without the focus feedback, this effort could have dragged out internally for one to two years easily."


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