Business Communication Cohorts

Upon entering the Eller College of Management, all undergraduate students participate in a semester-long course (BNAD 314) in a selected business cohort, each with a unique focus:

BNAD 314 introduces students to the skills needed to communicate effectively in a team-based, technologically enhanced environment. This course focuses on the communication strategies that are essential for success in a global business environment, while providing a small-class structure for exchanging ideas and building skills. As an exit measure, all students must demonstrate their writing proficiency in an electronic, in-basket exercise — the Mid-Career Writing Assessment — and demonstrate their presentation skills in a company-based or project-based case competition. A supplementary writing course (BNAD 315) is offered to provide additional support for those who need it.


Business Communication Undergraduate Courses

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Business Communication Support

The Business Communication Program offers support for the following stakeholders through tailored communications modules and ongoing consulting resources:


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