Corporate Communication

“My business communications class gave me the opportunity to exercise my favorite aspect of business: presentations! It was the perfect environment to practice my speaking skills and work within a team.”
Mimi Do, Corporate Communication Cohort

BCOM 314 Corporate Communication Track 

The Corporate Communication track of BCOM 314 focuses on the challenges facing high-performing, publicly traded companies.  This track of BCOM 314 gives students the opportunity to develop fluency in an industry of their choice.  Students can further tailor their experience by focusing on a company’s domestic (US-based) or international business issues. 

The Corporate Communication track moves students purposefully through a process of analyzing, strategizing, and executing professional written messages and presentations, both individually and as part of a team.  At each stage in the process, instructors challenge and coach their students to develop the critical thinking, professional writing, and presentation skills they will need to succeed in the work place.  


What's Happening Now?

Check out what's happening in the Business Communication Corporate Communication cohort:


What are the Students Saying?

"Case competition was an exciting experience that challenged me to be creative, to work productively as a team, and to be a leader. I would consider it a valuable opportunity that rewarded me with real-world business knowledge and skills."
- Shawna, Eller Marketing '16

“I am more confident in my writing than ever before! The class textbook is a great read and breaks everything down to common denominators for effective professional writing.” 
– Sarah, Eller Business Management '14

“This is a class where students can finally see how creativity mixes with business.”
– Amanda, Eller Business Management '14

“The Classic Cohort has helped me to feel more relaxed during presentations, and I’ve been able to apply my public speaking skills outside of the classroom.” 
– Sara, Eller Accounting '15

“In this class alone, I have learned more useful writing skills and proper business writing techniques than any other class I’ve taken before. Although it was challenging, it has made me more confident not only in my writing but in my presentation skills, as well.” 
– Jessica, Eller Business Management '14


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